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AUA2019 Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Educational Resources from AUA2019

Access the latest science from AUA2019! The AUA features an array of educational resources from the 2019 Annual Meeting. If you were unable to attend the Annual Meeting, you can access a selection of free Webcasts or purchase the AUA2019 Virtual Meeting, which includes Webcasts of all Plenary Sessions PLUS Webcasts of 80 Instructional Courses PLUS the Surgical Video Library, which includes more than 100 surgical videos. Learn more.

* Free to AUA2019 attendees – Access in AUAUniversity
** 100+ Surgical Videos Presented at AUA2019 – Free to AUA members and AUA2019 attendees – Access in AUAUniversity
*** All Plenary Webcasts + All Instructional Course Webcasts + Surgical Video Library
**** Webcasts will be available within a week after the Annual Meeting