AUA Summit - 9th Annual AUA Residents Bowl


9th Annual AUA Residents Bowl

Residents Bowl

Game Format and Rules

All game questions are written in advance by designated doctors.

  • Each team will be given the opportunity to respond to a question.
  • Ten points are awarded per correct question.
  • There is no point penalty for incorrect answers.
  • Each team can designate one spokesperson to answer the question.
  • If the first team is incorrect, the other team has the opportunity to answer the question.
  • Each team has the opportunity to "pass" on a question in the first and second rounds. This question will then go to the next team, which must either "answer" or "pass."
  • There are three total rounds: the first round, the Semi-Final round and the Final/Championship round.
  • Each Section team will play a game in the first round. The four winning teams from the first round will advance to the Semi-Final round.
  • The two winning teams from the Semi-Final round will advance to the Final/Championship round.
  • The team with the highest point total in the Championship Game will be deemed winner.

Each Section Secretary will participate as a judge (as available) but will not be permitted to judge his/her own Section.