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The Great Debate

The Great Debate

The Great Debate FAQs

Q: Who is eligible to participate in The Great Debate?
A: The Great Debate is open to residents within the AUA Section boundaries.

Q: How are participants selected for The Great Debate?
A: AUA Sections conduct their own selection process for choosing participants. Chief resident participants are encouraged.

Q: How can I participate in The Great Debate for 2020?
A: You can send an email to your Section's Residents and Fellows Committee representative regarding your interest. Email or to obtain that information.

Q: What are the prizes for The Great Debate?
A: Each participant will receive a certificate. The winning chief residents of each debate will receive a trophy, and the grand debate champion will receive a plaque and $150.

Q: Who submits the topics for The Great Debate?
A: Recognized experts in their field will submit topics of interest.

Q: Is there a stipend provided to the participants of The Great Debate?
A: Yes, a stipend amount is provided to each debater that is participating.

Q: How can I view the format and rules of The Great Debate?
A: Read more about the format and rules.