AUA Summit - The Great Debate


The Great Debate

The Great Debate

Rules of Engagement for Participants

  1. Chief residents presenting will have a total of five (5) minutes to present.
    • Four (4) minutes initial presentation
    • One (1) minute rebuttal
  2. Participants must follow time restrictions.
  3. Theatrics are allowed, but must not be excessive.
  4. Props are NOT allowed.
  5. Residents may use a maximum of five PowerPoint slides in their argument and three for their rebuttal.
  6. Residents must stay for the entire duration of the program.

Rules of Engagement for the Judge

  1. The judge must be impartial.
  2. The judge shall try to avoid interacting with participating residents prior to the debate.
  3. Persuasiveness, data, quality and forcefulness of the presentation shall determine the winner, not the correctness of the position as judged by conventional practice. A score sheet for the judge will be provided.
  4. The judge may disqualify participants if the Rules of Engagement are not followed.
  5. The judge has only one minute per presentation to cast his judgment.
  6. An audience participation system will be in use to allow audience members to cast their vote.