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Moderated Poster Sessions FAQs

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I submitted an abstract, but never received a response. How do I know if I my abstract was accepted for a podium presentation?

Email notifications are/were sent, on January 8, 2020, to the individual who submitted the abstract at the email address they provided during submission. That individual is responsible for informing the rest of the author group as to the status of the abstract's acceptance. If the notification email was not received or is misplaced, please contact with your abstract submission #.

What is the difference between a submission number and a publication number for my abstract?

During the abstract process you will likely receive two different numbers. The one received upon successful submission of your abstract is known as your submission number. The second number is received after your abstract has been accepted for presentation and assigned to a session, and is known as your publication number. This is the number associated with your abstract in the Journal of Urology April Supplement, and how attendees will locate your abstract information in printed publications and on the Annual Meeting website. (Your publication number can be found by accessing the Conference Harvester beginning in April). Example publication number: MP12-02.

An email with the login information for the Conference Harvester will be sent to the presenting author in late March of 2020. If you are unable to locate this number after accessing the Conference Harvester, please email

Can I add an author to my abstract?

The AUA will accept the addition of an author(s) on an abstract until Friday, February 3, 2020. To do so, you must send an email to, including the full name, institution, city/state/country and email address of the author to be added, as well as noting whether this author has any disclosures to note in regards to the abstract (please be sure to include either the abstract's submission or publication number in your email).

Can I make changes to my abstract, such as changing the title?

No. There can be NO changes to the abstracts' content after the submission deadline of November 1, 2019.

What if I discover a typo or some of the data used in my initial abstract has changed since the time of submission?

No aspect of the abstract can be changed after the submission deadline of November 1, 2019. If the data or methods have changed since the time of submission, please feel free to use your slide presentation to highlight these changes/updates.

I need to withdraw my abstract. What do I do?

To withdraw an abstract, please submit an email request to Be sure to cc all co-authors in the communication, as all authors must be aware of the withdraw request. *Note: any withdraw request that does not include ALL the abstract authors in the "cc" section of the email will not be processed.

The email request must present the following information within the body of the email.

Abstract #:
Reason for withdraw:

**Removal of a withdrawn abstract from publication cannot be guaranteed if the request is received after Friday, February 3, 2020

If I am creating a poster for my abstract, why do I need to create slides as well?

The first 30 minutes of the poster session will be for poster viewing. Roving moderators will ask clarification questions of the presenters while they stand by their posters.

During the next 85 minutes each presenter will have 1 minute to present their 2 slides at the podium and 2 minutes for questions from the audience and/or moderators.

The poster will remain on display during the entire session and does not travel with you to the stage.

What size/orientation does my poster need to be?

Presenters are free to choose the size and orientation they feel best displays their abstract information. The tackboards used to display the posters are 4' tall by 8' wide. The AUA strongly recommends that posters are not printed in excess of 3.5' x 7' in landscape format.

Why do I need to submit my presentation in advance?

The AUA requests advance submissions as a way to ensure the deliverance of Annual Meeting presentations against unforeseen circumstances.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of slides allowed for a podium presentation? Should I include a disclosure slide?

Yes, due to the brief nature of the oral presentation in poster sessions (1 minute), there is a maximum of two slides allowed. You may include a cover slide in addition to your two slides, if you wish. A disclosure slide is not required for podium presentations.

Is there a slide template for AUA2020? Am I required to use it?

The AUA does provide slide templates for AUA2020. While the AUA does encourage you to use the slide template, as the consistency in background style makes the viewing of multiple abstracts within a session easier on the audience’s eyes, you are not required to use the template if you prefer to use your own. Please visit "Marketing Your Session" for further suggestions.

Where do I upload my slides?

The presenting author will receive an email in late March 2020 with the login information for where/how to upload presentation slides to the Conference Harvester. If you are uploading the slide presentation on behalf of the presenting author, please have the presenting author send you their login information, as the logins are user specific.

Please inform at the time of your request, if you request a presenting author change after the presentation slides have been uploaded to the original presenting author's account.

Can I just take my slides to the session room?

No. All presentations for poster sessions are pushed from the Conference Harvester in the Speaker Ready Room. The audio technician in the room will not have the time/ability to upload individual speaker presentations from a thumb drive or laptop.

Will I be able to update my slides after I upload them?

Yes. Slide presentations can be update/new version via the online submission site or onsite by visiting the Speaker Ready Room. If your session is scheduled prior to the opening of the Speaker Ready Room or if your travel arrangements will not allow you to visit the Speaker Ready Room in advance of your presentation, please email for assistance.

Can I use Prezi instead of a PowerPoint presentation?

Unfortunately, the AUA Annual Meeting is not currently configured to support presentations through Prezi. Presentations must be via PowerPoint or another non-internet based slide presentation system. If you have any questions regarding your slide presentation format, please visit the Speaker Ready Room for assistance.

What if I created my presentation on a Mac? Can I present the presentation from my laptop?

No. Slides cannot be presented directly from a personal laptop. The Speaker Ready Room does have a select number of Mac computers for use, and the presentation system accepts files from Macs. However, it is imperative that Mac users visit the Speaker Ready Room in order to review their presentation (especially if videos are included) to assure that there are no issues with the presentation flow and the A/V system utilized in the presentations rooms.

Why must I visit the Speaker Ready Room 24-hours in advance of my presentation?

Speaker Ready Room computers are configured with the hardware and software used in the meeting rooms. The Speaker Ready Room provides speakers with an opportunity to make updates to their presentations, and be certain all slides and videos are displaying as expected. The volume of traffic in the Speaker Ready Room can be quite heavy at peak times, preparing to visit the day before your session helps protect against unexpected delays.

What if I am unable to visit the Speaker Ready Room 24-hours in advance of my presentation?

Due to travel constraints, some speakers may be unable to visit the Speaker Ready Room the day prior to their presentation. In this case, you may visit the Speaker Ready Room on the day of your presentation. However, we strongly advise that you plan to do so at least 3 hours prior to your session start time. If you are still concerned that you will not be able to visit the Speaker Ready Room within this timeframe, please contact prior to the start of the Annual Meeting for assistance.

I was to be the presenting author on an abstract, but I am no longer able to attend the meeting. What do I do?

If a presenting author is unable to attend the meeting one of the abstract's listed co-authors may present instead. Please contact for assistance in making this update.

Does the presenting author have to be a co-author on the abstract?

Yes. Only an author listed on the abstract is allowed to present the abstract at the AUA Annual Meeting. Colleagues familiar with the study, but not credited as an author, are not eligible to serve as a presenting author. Authors cannot, for any reason, be added to an abstract after February 3, 2020.

What if none of the abstract's authors are able to attend the meeting to present. Can a colleague present in our place?

No. Only authors listed on the abstract at the time of the abstract submission/acceptance are allowed to present the abstract at the AUA Annual Meeting. Colleagues familiar with the study, but not credited as an author, are not eligible to serve as a presenting author. Authors cannot, for any reason, be added to an abstract after February 3, 2020.

If none of the co-authors are able to present, the abstract must be withdrawn. (To withdraw, please submit an email request to Be sure to cc all co-authors in the communication, as all must be aware of and in agreement with the withdraw request).